We at Sidonia Hills Natural Beef would like to notify our loyal customers that we have now entered a growing period here on the farm, which means our beef will be temporarily unavailable. Just like vegetables, beef has a growing period, it’s seasonal. It takes all of 22 months to grow. We have to wait for it (at least that is the case in a natural pasture-grazed world). And, good things are worth waiting for.

We have navigated the paddock-to-plate road selling our family’s farm-produced beef direct to the public for the last 4 years and we have learned so much and feel very proud of our journey so far.

We are passionate about producing truly-local beef for our local community. The journey has not been without challenges and perhaps none bigger than finding enough like-minded people who are prepared to pay a little more for truly-local, healthy produce. As currently seen in the media regards the dairy industry, unfair prices are given to those who produce essential food – the farmer. Paying a little more should equate to paying a fair price to the farmer.

If there is ever a time to choose truly-local and understand where and how your food is grown - it is now.

Our Village Cow project is something we are also immensely proud of. Our beef box system provides beautiful healthy beef, conveniently packed and delivered locally with the added benefit of supporting other local farming communities in Timor Lest through our donations to our local not-for-profit Macedon Ranges Friends of East Timor group.

We would like to thank the local eateries, the chefs and the providores who have been loyal in supporting our organically-grown beef. And, of course, to you our customers who have joined us on our journey. You may still see us at local events throughout the year.

So it’s back to doing what we do best and that is farming holistically, caring for our soil and waterways and growing healthy, chemical-free beef. We look forward to a future where locally-grown, sustainable, ethical food with trustworthy provenance is the norm on our shopping lists!

And, as we often ask here at Sidonia Hills Natural Beef, “what price do you put on your health”?

Kind regards and good health to all,

Danielle, Sam, Ben